Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stash Update

I spent a wee bit of time updating my stash inventory on Ravelry this weekend. I enjoy using the spreadsheet option to look at my actual yardage and see what I have used up after an update.

Prior to updating I had 81,775 yards in my stash.

After updating, I have 72,206 yards in my stash. This number includes yarns which are currently being used in projects because until I have finished knitting an item, I could still pull it apart and add the yardage and yarn back into my stash list.

I have used almost 1,000 yards since my last update. Not bad.

ON THE NEEDLES: More starteritis - details coming
ON THE BOOKSHELF: An Ice Cold Grave by Harris
ON THE iPOD: Nothing today
ON THE TABLE: Cold cut sandwiches


  1. That's alot of yarn gone. I have no idea how you manage to find your total yardage, Ravelry has so many mysteries that I've yet to figure out.

  2. You've been knitting a lot!!! I'm not familiar with the spreadsheet option...I need to check it out.