Monday, July 6, 2009

Just a Ray of Sunshine....

Remember this yarn? From Sugarbee Studios (of course).

Picking a pattern for this yarn has been a good challenge for me. I wanted a pattern that would work well with the striping. I wanted a pattern that would avoid pooling and flashing. I wanted a pattern that would show off the yarn.

Based on these criteria, I would need a fairly simple pattern.

What did I end up using? A Cookie A pattern. Her patterns are anything *but* simple. I chose "Rick" from Cookie A's new book Sock Innovation.

All credit and copyright by and to Interweave Press 2009

I like the rotating strips of texture. I knew that the vibrant yarn I had chosen was not necessarily the best choice but I wanted to work it up. So I did.

Not too bad, huh?

My only concern is that the sock seems a bit slouchy. I now know why Cookie A made the socks a bit taller - the shape/girth of a calf will stretch the sock and keep it up. I like my socks shorter and I knit it shorter than the instructions called for. In hindsight, I looked at the pattern picture and noted that the sock comes up high on the calf.

This is the sock fabric unstretched.

See the slouch potential?

Other thoughts regarding the slouch potential include my choice of needle size. I am using size 2 DPNs despite the fact that I typically use size 1 or 0. I wonder if knitting the sock on smaller needles would make a significant difference. Possibly.

I am really looking forward to seeing how the finished sock looks and fits. I am prepared, though, to rip the sock out if I really don't care for the fit. This is not a commentary on the quality of Cookie A's design - it is just about whether or not I like the final product.

ON THE NEEDLES: Hanami (of course) and a bunch of starteritis
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ON THE TABLE: Grilled cheese


  1. Geez, now I want Grilled cheese for lunch - I need to stop reading your on the table :) I really like the way the yarn is sort of striping instead of pooling.

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