Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Want to know how *I* know the economy is jacked up?

Look at that grocery bill: $475.

This is just for 2 weeks.

ON THE NEEDLES: Hanami and the Circle Socks
ON THE BOOKSHELF: An Ice Cold Grave by Harris
ON THE iPod: My custom walking mix of Tool, Kings of Leon and Boston
ON THE TABLE: Pizza for the family, pizza salad for the low carber in me.


  1. Well if you devide it by two it's not horribly huge. I may be biased however since groceries are really expensive here.

  2. Oy. Yup. It's definitely starting to show in the groceries. It helps that we get a lot of ours at the farmer's market, but it still adds up. And let's not even talk about pet food!

  3. The sad thing is you'll probably have to pick up a thing or two in the next 2 weeks too! I remember that I used to shop once a month - I couldn't handle the sticker shock now!

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