Thursday, July 16, 2009


This post from Berlin's Whimsy caused me much contemplation today.

My energy is often spent tending to the home and organizing our lives so we can have less chaos. If I were an honest woman, I would say that more energy is spent on that than on/with the children - which is the reason for contemplation. I obviously must find a better balance. In their adulthood, my kids are not going to comment on how much they appreciated a well organized home. Maybe later, when they have kids and are trying to run a home, they might understand. But in the big picture, it still stands. They would certainly appreciate more time with me.

Energy is also spent on corralling a very chaotic attorney at work. It is exhausting. This leaves less energy for home and creativity and, well, *me*.

I also spend energy on exercise and taking care of myself. This is worthwhile, no matter what.

In contemplation, I think that not much energy is spent on knitting as it is a fairly mellow activity and I can get a lot done with little expenditure. This is a good thing.

ON THE NEEDLES: Hanami and Spring Forward socks (Socrates yarn is to die for!!!!)
ON THE BOOKSHELF: Across the Nightingale Floor by Hearn
ON THE iPOD: NPR Talk of the Nation
ON THE TABLE: crockpot turkey sandwiches and watermelon

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  1. That balance thing is definitely not an easy one. I know that I've given up on a lot of the things I thought I'd care more about (a really clean home, organized closets, etc etc) and more towards time with family and doing things that are relaxing and nourishing. But then something'll happen at work, or with the kids' activities, and it'll all go to heck again. I guess that's part of balance, too, though?