Monday, August 3, 2009

Circle Socks

This is Circle Socks - a freebie pattern by Anne Campbell. This pattern is amazingly fun to knit. It looks super intricate but is deceptively simple. I find myself wondering and contemplating the "circles" themselves - considering how they might be used in other designs - such as a detail on a sleeve or yoke.

The yarn is "Lace Merino" from Ella Rae. This stuff is amazing. If I look closely at the yarn, there are spots where the dye doesn't *seem* to saturate the actual fiber but more like it is has been top detailed. I do worry a bit whethe the dye is set or not. I guess we will find out when I wash the socks!

The color combination is a bit unexpected but really quite lovely. The dye runs are short and this makes for non-pooling which makes for good stockinette knitting. This is good because the foot of the sock is done in stockinette!

ON THE NEEDLES: Circle Socks and Hanami (finishing 2nd repeat of chart A!)
ON THE BOOKSHELF: Across the Nightingale Floor and The Secret
ON THE iPOD: Just Stitch It!
ON THE TABLE: Kielbasa and pan fried potatoes

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  1. It reminds me of an Aran stitch- Honeycomb.

    mmmm-Keilbassa and potatoes!