Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Socks with Socrates!

I bought this yarn on a bit of an impulse on the way out the door at my local yarn store, A Stitch in Time. I do not regret it one bit. What I *do* regret is not buying more of this yarn.

Socrates yarn from Alpaca with a Twist, Wednesday Night Green

This yarn is absolutely amazing. The singles are a bit heathered. In this case, the main color is the bright green but there is a bit of yellow heathered in. This provides the most amazing color.

I searched high and low for a sock pattern I liked. After looking at 5o or so sock patterns, I settled on Spring Forward from Knitty. My only reservation about the pattern was the slouch in the leg of the sock.

I am working the instep on the first sock. I love the pattern, it is easy to memorize and great commuter knitting (or TV knitting). I am knitting the sock on 1 1/2 DPN's. The leg is a good bit more slouchy than I would like - and I will be seriously disappointed if the leg ends up overly baggy. Every row or so (or even when I have completed knitting the stitches on a single needle) I pet the yarn. And pet the yarn. And look at my progress. And pet the yarn. And wonder how it would go if I asked the people on the bus to pet my yarn.

The pattern is only obvious when stretched. See?



Do YOU want to pet my socks?

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  1. Gorgeous - what a great shade of green!

  2. I'll pet your yarn but it might take me a while to get to you :) The guys at my work feel my yarn all the time and then discuss the "softness ratio" whatever that is.

  3. Beautiful colour! and I've always liked that pattern