Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Daddy Has Cold Feet

Baby Daddy loved his socks. Yes, yes - the above picture is not a completed sock. Take my word for it...he has a pair of completed socks. It was nice to surprise him with them. I normally cannot keep a secret about a present for the life of me....but this time I could. I must be maturing. *grin*

These socks are perfect as a man's dress sock. The yarn, from Sugarbee (of course), is in shades of grey, cream and brown which match Baby Daddy's professional wardrobe perfectly. I have long tried to get him into funky socks and/or ties but it was not happening - he is just too conservative in his work clothes.

The pattern is "Double Fleck" from More Sensational Socks. It is a six stitch, four row repeat that is easily memorized. It is perfect for a man's sock because it has textural interest without being too fussy. It was also a great knit because the pattern kept me engaged enough and produced gorgeous results without a lot of fancy knitting.

ON THE NEEDLES: Rick from Cookie A and the Hanami
ON THE iPOD: Splendid Table
ON THE BOOKSHELF: Hooked on Murder by Hechtman
ON THE TABLE: Whole lotta nothing - too hot to cook


  1. Ooh, I love those socks! The colors are definitely perfect for the more conservative sock wearer (which my husband tends to be, too, although he goes in for the darker burgundies and forest greens). I bet he'll wear those a lot!

  2. Those look like great guy socks! My guy will only wear black or charcoal gray... except in the summer when he'll wear cream with linen suits, seriously.