Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rainbow Tricorn

I purchased an amazing fiber set from Sugarbee of Politically Incorrect Fibers last year. The batts were absolutely breathtaking - a wide rainbow of color in a wool mix with some Angelina tossed in for good measure.

I prepped the fiber into thin strips of color and spun the prepped fiber in random order. Some barberpoling occurred but I really like this effect in these singles.

Because I was/am a fairly new spinner (one year under my belt), I still have somewhat of a disconnect going. I see the batts and I can visualize the end product yarn I want but I have not mastered the steps the flowchart of steps to get from "batt" to "my vision."

I plied the first singles and created a yarn - but I was not crazy about it. I didn't like the barberpole effect in the plied yarn, although I loved it in the singles. To be honest, I was disappointed. It was the first tangible reckoning that I lacked some serious knowledge.

I didn't love the yarn but still wanted to knit SOMETHING with it. I made it and I wanted to use it. I remembered a hat pattern that I have wanted to use forever (from an old book for Cascade 220 book which is out of print - sorry, guys!). The handspun was the perfect yarn for the hat.

As you can tell, my daughter looks awesome in it and the hat is not bad either (although she complains about it being itchy which we don't take seriously - she complains a lot about odd things....)

Moving back to the singles, though...

A lovely friend, MamaKnitter, taught us how to Navajo ply. I plied up some of the singles I had left and created a lovely yarn (albeit a bit overspun) but was more of my vision that the plied singles.

Here are examples of the yarns:


(Navajo plied)


I am considering using these three in some sort of project - scarf, something - which will show off the diffent end products and showcase them all.

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  1. I really like the hat. Your right that the yarn was perfect for it. I'm at the same place (probably even behind you since I've only been doing this for 5 months) at seeing the fiber and visualizing something and then just completely not accomplishing it. I love the idea for using the rest of the yarn for a scarf. I can't wait to see what you do.