Sunday, May 17, 2009


I was never asked to my prom. I wouldn't have gone anyway - and I am not just saying that. I was misanthropic even as a teen (unless I was on a tour bus but that is another post and another story all together).

My eldest, Grace, however....was asked (and would've gone, as the picture shows). In her true sense, she wore a simple dress and sandals - nothing super fancy and tricked out.

Teen love interests are about as unpredictable as the sky in Florida at 4 p.m. Even still, I am glad the kid asked Grace. The prom is an important milestone and rite of passage - and I want her to have as many as she wants.

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  1. That's a beautiful dress she's wearing!

  2. She looks lovely. I hope she had a wonderful time!

  3. I love the easy flowing dresses so much more than the fake shiney department store traditional prom styles.

    Hope the experience was fun for her :)