Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Imagine....

(Image courtesy of Germ Girl - full credit and copyright to her for this fabulous picture)

Pretty, huh? Maybe not so much.

Imagine that the red/brown fibery looking stuff is your throat....right by your tonsils.

And, imagine that the green dots (gorgeous shade of green, BTW) are causing your throat to swell to a point where you would rather not breathe, eat, swallow or even be awake. Imagine that every time you DO swallow, the raw, nasty, painful areas are squished and rubbed against each other like sand paper.

Strep throat. Which made my face turn a bit green according to Sugarbee.

Z-pack and salt water gargles per the doctor's orders.

ON THE NEEDLES: Give a Hoot Mittens
ON THE iPOD: Ben Harper
ON THE BOOKSHELF: The Graveyard Book by Gaiman
ON THE TABLE: NOTHING. Yogurt. Family can eat cereal.


  1. Nasty! Those Z-Packs make me so sick, I hope they dont affect you the same way!

    Hope you feel better soon!


  2. OH that sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Go Zpack !!
    Do your stuff !
    Germs let go as the water swishes around you enjoy the ride to the great abyss .


  4. Sounds horrible and painful! I hope you're staying home, getting lots of rest, and totally taking it easy.

  5. Thanks so much for coming to see our robin pictures (I need to credit my photographer husband for the fabulous pictures -- the un-fabulous ones were mine.:) Hopefully we'll have more up soon ... they are getting big FAST!

    Hope you're feeling better by now; we've had a lot of strep in this house and the only good thing about it is it goes away fast ... I hope that's true for you too.

    And I love love LOVE your rainbow hat!!!